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Our nation is facing an unprecedented crisis in the form of COVID-19 and is quite apparent now that it’s still a long way to go before the battle would be won. The governments, businesses, social organizations and people from different strata and backgrounds, are coming forward and contributing to the efforts in this battle.

College students were in a precarious situation facing sudden forced closures of colleges. Some of them could quickly flee and reach their hometowns but many were left stranded in cities and towns, locked down completely with uncertainty looming over their exams, frustration from cancelled internships and worries about their careers in the upcoming recession.

WordsMaya, a social enterprise quickly realised this situation, decided to step up and help college students in some way. At the same time, All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) contacted WordsMaya and onboarded WordsMaya to its National Educational Alliance for Technology (NEAT) initiative.

WordsMaya decided to put its two courses for FREE for students from 1st April till the lockdown is over. These free courses are aimed at developing skills of college students so that they get ready for a corporate job. These courses improve skills such as the ability to communicate in English confidently, Well-groomed positive personality and Ready to face job interviews confidently. The courses have 50 hours of chat-based interactive audio-visual content.

Over last 3 months, over 15000 students registered and took benefit of the free courses. These students were from 3000+ cities, towns and villages from all states in India. Many faculty and support staff from the colleges also joined in and improved their skills with the courses. Many institutes put the information about the courses on their website and distributed among their students. Also, many newspapers like Indian Express and online forums like JagranJosh also featured WordsMaya’s free courses.

It was an overwhelming response for WordsMaya team. The entire team was working pretty much in two shifts even on weekends upgrading the backend infrastructure and supporting the learners. It was sheer hard work but the team stepped up to the situation.

But there was a feeling of fulfilment in the team’s mind and continuous feedback and testimonials from students kept us motivated.

P.S. The offer for free courses is still continuing. The interested students can directly register on the AICTE page or WordsMaya page.