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Due to the COVID-19 lockdown most professionals are at home. Some are able to work remotely, but many are idle.

Remote workers are often challenged by technology and communication skills. It need not be hidden that our workforce majorly lacks communication skills, which becomes even more important while working remotely.

Business, HR, and L&D leaders are opening up to the idea of getting communication skills training for their workforce. This works well to ensure the remote workers are able to work more efficiently, as well as utilizing the time of those who are idle.

WordsMaya has ramped up its online offering within weeks as a response to these needs of businesses in India. Colleges and corporates are both eager to have these programs.

WordsMaya already had an advantage of covering the theory part of the program on a smartphone app, available on Android and Apple devices. Certain components of soft skill training, including practice and guidance, were earlier done in a classroom, which is now being done over video conferencing. It’s a win-win for all!

The lockdown may be relaxed gradually, but the convenience and savings that online training has provided will continue for a long time. Most businesses who have a diverse team, working on different projects, often at different locations, now see the advantage of having the same or better ROI with online training programs.

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