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A Journey with WordsMaya , written by Tejas Shinde, has won our hearts at WordsMaya. Read on, to know more.

Hello everyone my name is Tejas Shinde and I am from IKSC. Let me share with you my most memorable journey, journey with WordsMaya.


My mom always used to tell me that I am very emotional and humble person but my voice and tone contradicts my personality. I tried diligently from my side but I was not satisfied with the results.

The day when I joined IKSC Mr. Atul Patil sir told me that I have to improve my tone otherwise people will get me wrong, as the suggestion came from Atul sir I had to take it seriously, upon asking for solution he enrolled me for WordsMaya professional communication course.

I was delighted because I never had a chance to learn these things.

Already life had applied many brakes to my career and all I had was my clutch that is my attitude to learn and now Atul sir was giving me the accelerator. What more could I ask from life??

This journey started with Monday when I entered IKSC and to my surprise, everyone was in formals, beaming with confidence, projector was ON and I found that it was a speak-a-thon event from WordsMaya. Everyone gave great presentation, Mad Ads were hilarious and debates were ending in consensus. I was amazed by my friend’s performances and suddenly my engine started to give cold starting problem, yes I thought I’m not good enough like others here but when WordsMaya team called me on stage for Mad Ads I performed well and this episode generated a spark of confidence in me so I was eagerly waiting for the course to start.

I believe we all are diamonds it’s just that some need sculpting while others need polishing. With this vision WordsMaya formed two groups. Conversation group for friends who needed to work on grammar and vocabulary along with communication syllabus and communication group for us who needed to work on pitch and pauses, inflections, voice and tone modulations etc.

The syllabus and duration they framed was fabulous and tailor-made for particular type of student. So that at the end of the course every student should be able to reflect his personality like a diamond.

The course content was available on telegram .Each module gave me a specific insight about the each aspect of communication spectrum. The module durations were small and relevant.Track sheet was perfectly designed to assess the outcomes of each module. Thanks to Harshad Bhagwat sir for such an extraordinary vision.

Then came the Mondays, for the whole world this might be the most boring day but for us it was the day of fun, learning and activities.

We were fortunate to have Manisha madam as our mentor. “Better than thousand days of diligent study is one day with a great teacher” .Our teacher was Manisha madam and our day was Monday.

It was our first workshop and we were learning about the inflections and its effect on speech. We were bit uncomfortable in the beginning, this was an alienated thing for us but I admire madam’s patience and caring for all of us because she invested 5 hours listening to the reasons behind hesitation and patiently offered suggestions to each one of us and no wonder everyone was open and started contributing their share for the betterment of communication.

During workshops we interacted with each other, shared our personal experiences and discussed our strengths and weaknesses. In my particular case madam suggested me that I underestimate myself and she offered her valuable time and suggestions to motivate me which I think I can never forget in my life. Manisha madam understood every ones strengths and weaknesses on a personal level and the best thing was she used to assign everyone with an assignment that will nurture their potential.

Madam believed that I can write well and I was assigned the task of writing the autobiographies of IKSC and WordsMaya. I was not sure about writing but she motivated me and I started to write what I felt about IKSC and WordsMaya. Articles were praised by whole team. The best moment came when Harshad sir visited to congratulate me that was a real Aha…..!! Moment in my life. Silvery voiced suggestions, motivation and kindness describes Manisha madam.

Before WordsMaya I was driving my English with same speed everywhere, now I can manage the speeds coz with that speed if u hit someone u may sound rude in worst case if u hit a girl then there is no room for explanation hah…thank you WordsMaya for voice modulation.

Manisha madam encouraged me towards writing and with every written word I convey my gratitude and respect for your efforts in motivating me. As Benjamin Franklin famously said “Tell me and I forget, teach me and I remember, involve me and I learn. Thank you Manisha madam and WordsMaya for involving me and giving me the greatest gift that I had lost few years back-my confidence. I think I am literally speechless now.

Thank you


Tejas Shinde

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