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Recently a question has been asked several times and on all kinds of forum:

“How have the needs of soft skills changed in this changing world where employees suddenly have to work from home?”

While we have started feeling the need for some soft skills more in these times, the need was always there. The new situation demands certain soft skills, which are always needed in possibly smaller ways, to suddenly be of very high importance.

The capacity to adapt to different situations, communication skills, self-discipline, organising capabilities, quick learning abilities, all these are relevant all the time as they are fundamental leadership skills.

[It is discussed in other excerpts in this series of posts that leadership is about leading-self and leading-others. The leading-self aspects are always relevant while leading-others may be different at different levels of responsibility.]

This aspect is explained by Shailesh Deshpande, CHRO, Godrej Properties, in the following excerpt of the webinar “Soft Skills. Hard impact.” The webinar was organised by WordsMaya Edutech in association with national HRD Network, Pune Chapter. Shailesh is in conversation with Harshad Bhagwat, Founder and CEO, WordsMaya Edutech.