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About the Student: Karthik has quite the motley personality. An independent guy and keen observer of human behaviour, he is intrigued by anything and everything related to outer space. He loves learning new things being curious as a cat and champions healthy competition. Karthik has his way with words and WordsMaya believes that he has the make of the perfect blogger. Keep writing Karthik, the internet is waiting for more from you!

India received its independence from the United Kingdom on August 15th, 1947. India has come a long way since then and we all reminisce the time past that incident. But there is one thing we never seem to even consider and that is what if they stayed on for longer time? Would we still be where we are? Or by any chance our state would be better. It’s our nature to see the good in everything. That is what has kept us going and that is why the human civilisation has prevailed. We never lose a chance we get to mention how the Britishers looted us and how we were referred as the golden bird. But if we were that great then, what happened to us now? We are still the same people with the same culture and sadly the same mentality. Shouldn’t we have regained the status by now? 69 years have passed and we have had our chances, but somewhere we did not realise it. But that’s not going to be the same.

United Nations have estimated that around 41% of total Indian population are youths. That’s the highest in the world despite us being second to China when it comes to overall population. Believe it or not this is our best possible chance to regain the status we once lost to the intruders. We couldn’t do it in the past but this time history ‘will not’ repeat itself. Our honourable ex-president Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam had a vision for 2020. He said and I quote ‘ For transforming the nation into a developed country, five areas in combination have been identified based on India’s competence, natural resources and talented manpower for integrated action to double the growth rate of GDP and realise the vision of developed India.’ These five areas can be our strengths and that is what can propel us towards greatness.
With all the youths like me focused towards just one goal ‘Make India Great again’, we can achieve things what we only dreamt of. India has been extremely successful in its space missions, thanks to ISRO. Countries like the United States rely on our rockets to get their satellites in space. With the rate we are going, it won’t be long before we will be partnering missions to land on Mars. India is recognised as the hub for design and technical support. With millions of engineers at our disposal and just one unique idea we can join our hands to build something that will only put the world at awe. Today we have a leader who is willing to bring back the greatness. We have the push we need, all we need is a little bit of dedication. We have one the best education, let’s spread it! We have ample sunlight, let’s use it! We have one of the most fertile lands, let’s harvest it! We are the great minds, let’s ignite it! I have only one vision for India in 2020. To be independent, not from being ruled by any country but independence in the aspects that most affect our lives. Independence from relying on other countries for fuel, power technology. Let’s be the pioneer in infrastructure and development. Let’s stop depending on other countries for developing new weapons for defence. Let’s not rely on them for fuel. Let us be independent again.

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