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With the first ray of sun we headed towards our thith my cousins started our trip towards Saputara, a place located on the borders of Maharashtra and Gujarat. It is in the state of Gujarat which is approximately 110 km from my native. It is a place well-known for its varied heritage. Many tourist usually visit this place from across the country during vacations.

The place is well-known for its amusement as well as boating. So the first thing we did after arriving in Saputara was boating. Localities told us that the water in the lake was around 200 feet in depth. It was a wonderful experience to do the boating and having enjoyment. There were other games to for the entertainment. We played all the games one by one. After that we had our lunch at the local restaurant. The food served here is really delicious.

After having our lunch we went to see the honeybee hives which are cultivated here. The instructor gave us the detailed information about the honeybees, the way they construct their hives, also the work the male and female honeybees do etc. We learnt a lot from him.Then we went to see the Museum which was located on the other side of road. It was a wonderful experience to get to know the different cultures, tradition of India. Right from the musical instruments, dance forms to their living style, their ornaments they wore, the houses they lived in was depicted very beautifully.

The most and foremost place to visit after arriving at the Saputara which I guess no tourist would miss is the rope way raid. It is situated between the two mountains which has a very deep valley. The view which we see in the deep valley from the rope way is really awesome. It was a mind blowing experience.

In the evening we started our journey back to home with lot of learnings and memories full of enjoyment. Really it was a unforgettable Odyssey.

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Abhijit J.

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