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We asked some of our students to write short stories as part of our student projects. They selected one of these two kinds:

  1. A story which MUST CONTAIN certain keywords given to them by our teachers.
  2. A picture story. The student was given a picture and poetic freedom to narrate it.

Team WordsMaya was left beaming with pride as our students wove tales around the simple words and pictures. We are publishing some of the best narratives out of nearly 20 entries.


Storyteller 2: Ashwini Hemlata

Once upon a time, there lived a family in a city. They lived in a very conjusted house, but still happily.In that family, there were 6 members -grandmother, grandfather, mom, dad, dolly and her brother.

Dolly always wished to live in a luxurious house surrounded by many trees and along a sea shore, but it was not possible because of their financial condition. Dolly’s father used to struggle a lot to get two end’s meal; then how it works possible to build a new house.

Dolly used to study in a school in the same city. Her school fees was managed any how by her father. She was very good in drawing. By seeing her drawing skills, her teacher suggested her to participate in a drawing competition. She was well prepared for the competition and thus won it. After this grand success, she was called for an interview. There she was asked about her picture that from where did she got the idea to draw a painting like that by an examiner.

She answered that, it was not any idea, but her incomplete wish which is not yet fulfilled. She also said that by this picture, she was able to complete the wish….

About the storyteller: Ashwini is one of our most passionate students. She has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and works hards to achieve it. She successfully completed her B.Ed after getting married from Ambajogai. She maintains a serious persona in front of strangers but her close ones know how fun loving and humorous she is.

Storyteller 3: Sharad Upadhye

Munni six years old girl was living with her father,mother and elder brother. She was very enthusiastic and mischievous. She was crazy about water.

In summer vacation she went with her family to Dapoli.They stayed in resort near a beach.

Munni was very excited.

Next morning they all went for swimming in the sea. Munni had not learned swimming. So she played in the sand with her mother.

In the evening she wanted to play in sea but her mother didn’t allow her. Munni cried rolling down in the sand. But nobody allowed her. So she got angry and stand showing her back to her mother. Her father clicked a snap and forward it to me. That’s the snap showed upwards.

About the storyteller: Sharad has a spiritual soul and a fun-loving personality. At 60, he is quite the kid at heart, fit to rival any of our young students at WordsMaya with his energy and zeal to learn. Sharad is passionate about spirituality and has researched about the Supreme Soul or Paramatma at Prajapita Brahma Kumari Eshwariya Vishwa Vidyalay. A resident of Pune, he learns English with WordsMaya using his phone and laptop.

Storyteller 4: Supraja

In an apartment there was a child who is living with her mom.There were no neighbors for the child to play.child was not in a good mood.She wanted to go somewhere so her mom decided to bring her to beach.Even after coming to beach her mood did not change.The mother asked her daughter about her sorrow.she replied that she wanted to come out because she was feeling bored because of being inside the house for the previous 1 week. Mom said the child that not to worry and added to ask her if she wanted to come out. Then the child became happy and both of them returned home happily.

About the storyteller: Supraja is an engineering student from Chennai. She is a tv series addict and the American accent fascinates her. She can usually be found on the Internet reading about ‘nerdy’ stuff, coding or gorging on fruits. Supraja wants to become an excellent engineer one day and also speak English fluently in a stylish American accent.

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