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Staring out of the window panes of your car, watching your so called friends singing and dancing outside the bars, girls and boys embracing each other, teenagers with latest hairstyles and people acting cool (whatever their definition of cool may be). Maybe you wonder right now, why I can’t sing like them, talk like them, or be the awesome life of the party they are? Why can’t I make friends like them or act cool like them, if it is hip-hop or drinking or puffing your lungs out. Why doesn’t my mother let me wear makeup? Why doesn’t she allow me to keep my hair that way?

You keep thinking about all these things and you start hating life. You think you are completely in the dark, ALONE, with no one to rely on! But what you don’t understand is that, that you are walking their shadows instead of walking in the light. Dear you, walk in the light and let the amazing person inside you get illuminated.

I promise, soon these people will walk away and there won’t be any shadows left to walk in, and suddenly you will find yourself propelled into the brightness.

You will find your own ground to stand on. I promise, you will be strong and very soon it won’t matter what anyone thinks.
You will realize that bitching is same as superficial compliments and fake rumors, and you don’t need either. You will realize that your real friends are not the ones with shadows but are genuine and real people. They care about you and help you to enlighten yourself. You will now hold your own dreams. You will soon realize that you are destined to SHINE. You will become the best VERSION of yourself and that’s what is truly important.

Live your life in such a way that when you get really old, and when you look back at your life, you should say: “Aahh I lived it, not survived it.”

Written by :

Vaibhav Thorat.

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