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Beyond the incessant quarrels, the telling on each other, the Jo-Tera-Hai-Woh-Mera-Hai debates, being punished together, there is a sweet spot where siblings reconcile. That is the sweet quotient of the festival of Rakshabandhan.

Listen to our student Supraja speak fluently about Rakshabandhan celebrations in India and how she plans to celebrate the day with her brother and spread the sibling love! Team WordsMaya loves how confidently she spoke on the topic and expressed her feelings entirely in English!

About the Student: Supraja is an engineering student from Chennai. She is a tv series addict and the American accent fascinates her. She can usually be found on the Internet reading about ‘nerdy’ stuff, coding or gorging on fruits. Supraja wants to become an excellent engineer one day and also speak English fluently in a stylish American accent.


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