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Find out about the Pola festival celebrated in Maharashtra, India from our student Ashwini.

Pola is a festival mostly celibrated in rural areas by farmers. It’s way to thank bulls for support in farming. This festival is celibrated on ”Shravana Amavasya”. On this festival first given bath to bulls then decorated with ornaments and colours. Their horns, neck even whole body painted with colours. The work of decorated bulls, accompanied by the music and dancing are carried out in the evening. In some villages, fairs are organised where competitions take place. Pola is favourite festival of farmers.

On this festival ‘Puranpoli’ made for bulls. All animals in farm also decorated with colour and it celebrated as a marriage of bulls. Its bulls worshiping festival.

Many ornaments, shawl, balloons decorated on bulls. All farmers thank to bulls for helping him in whole year. Pola festival is mostly popular in Maharashtra.

Thank You Ashwini for describing the festival in English! Read more such student articles here.

About the author : Ashwini

Ashwini is one of our most passionate students. She has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and works hards to achieve it. She successfully completed her B.Ed after getting married from Ambajogai. She maintains a serious persona in front of strangers but her close ones know how fun loving and humorous she is.

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