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The title seems catchy but I came across this title when I was preparing for MBA
entrance exam. This was one of the topics given in class for discussion. When our professor
wrote the topic on board, for at least 5 minutes I was smiling continuously don’t know why i was doing so but the title really diverted my attention from the class. My smile had a reason, it was a reminder of my all good moments that I had till that time and it was also reminder that yes, it’s true that the most beautiful things in life cannot be seen or touched but they are felt with heart. In this article, i would be giving justification to my title through giving only one example.

Life teaches us N number of lessons, sometimes lessons are funny, sometimes they are harsh and sometimes whatever may be the lesson we are not at all interested in learning them. There was photo which was viral on social media 2 years ago. When I saw this photo on my whatspp messenger, I learned one of the most important lesson in my life. It really made me aware of lot of things in life which I don’t enjoy completely. And this realization was within a minute, that much was the impact of this photo.

The above photo was taken during the Black Mass film premiere in Brookline, Mass.
The lead of this movie was Johnny Deep, I thing this name needs no introduction. It was a premiere of his movie. As Johnny entered, each and everyone was amazed to see him and they started clicking photos. But this old women was just enjoying the moment and she was just into the moment without any distraction. The question arises that why she didn’t took her phone out to click a photo and that to she was standing so near to red carpet, if she had
taken phone out for a click she would had a clear photo of Johnny, then why she didn’t do it?

There was also lot of comments for this photo saying, that her mobile phone battery
was discharged or she may had broken her phone or she had forgot her phone at home and also
fun was made that she was wearing Google glasses. Whatever may be the reason, it can be that one of the reason can also be true but just look at the old ladies smile. I think she is so mesmerized by the view what she is seeing that she forgot to take a picture. In spite the
presence of Johnny deep the camera man captured this view in his camera. Now you can
imagine the impact of that beautiful smile. That smile, that satisfaction, that calm and pleasant face of her is really difficult to express in words. What see might be thinking is also difficult to predict and also we can’t assume that she must be having everything what she must have wished in her life. The reason why i said this is because lot of peoples’ happiness is directly proportional to the things that they own. But the only thing that I felt by looking at this photo
was that …………………………..


Written by :

Sachin Yadav

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