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Susmita is an active citizen from Pune. Susmita has many interests and she is keen on learning new things. We asked her to interview (imaginary) her favourite celebrity and here, she had quite a few questions for her favourite Bollywood actor Aamir Khan.

Hello, Mr.Khan, Welcome to the ‘S’ channel. You are most intelligent and talented Actor. You have many fans I am one of them. I would like to know about your experience as Brand Ambassador of water cup.

Question – What things inspired you to join the work of water cup?What efforts your team took to solve the problem of water.?

Question – How long had your team work out for this project before joining this project?

Question – I would like to know that competition between villages help you in motivating the villagers to work for word cup and what was your experience when you actually worked with villagers?

Question – Did you face to some controversy when you decided to join water cup foundation?

Question – Did you receive more from society as you are famous celebrity?

There are some questions in my mind about Satyamev Jayate show:

Question – Before doing Satyamev Jayate show you had an idea that you would get overwhelming response?

Question – Did you find follow up to the social issues that you had raised on Satyamev Jayate platform?

Question – I would be eager to know about your new film Dangal

I am so glad that I got an opportunity to take interview of you and have many questions in my mind but because of time limit I have to end this .

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