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A beautiful English autobiography of WordsMaya written by our student, Vishal Ingale , has won our hearts.

Here’s what he has written.

We freeze, we fumble, we are unable to find the right word, we forget our grammar, we sweat, we fret but those words don’t come out. It happens with everyone initially. hesitate to speak in English, especially in front of people who are speak good English themselves.The fear of being wrong. The fear of making mistakes. The fear of looking like a fool.

Don’t bother. Speak wrong English. I am here to make you correct. Make you feel confident. Make your English better.

I am Wordsmaya. New and modern way to come with peopel having a better communication skills in English.

I am a brainchild of a mechanical engineer Mr. Harshad Bhagvat. We have a common goal to make our students that much superior so they achieve there success with breaking the fear of English. Mrs shipla shetty Sonawane design me such that, I am become more attractive n understanding to the students. She gives me a super power to come in everyone’s life so they feel that I am an important part of there life also.

Without this family I am nothing , I am just a book ,but this supportive people serve me to your fingertips at your own place in your own classroom. This people are medium between you n me. The “connection bridge of knowledge”..

I came to students through a new technology. Having a blue icon name Telegram. I came to them everyday with a new innovative ideas n lots more activities. I don’t teach them English. We just play on Telegram. With that playing students improve English speaking and there soft skills also.

I know students are really busy nowadays they don’t have to much time for other things that’s why I came at the time when they are free. I work according there schedule.I love playing with my students. I never hesitate to tell them there weak points. I always support them, correct them. Through our playing students automatically feel confident.

Then I decided to meet them personally through Skype. we see each other through this video chat once in week .I used to know there body languages, I am curious to see there gestures, confidence in there eyes and there way of talking With strangers. By observing this I make some specail task to them. Through which they feel more motivated. We share our innovative ideas to each other.

After every session I can see the development in evey students.they never hesitate to came to me. There are 65000+ students are going through me. After looking at them I feel proud of myself that I am helping them to serve a good life.I am happy that I am serving them a good path to there goals.

I know that day by day there are lost of improvement and updation is necessary. And I strongly believe that my master is an engineer he will come to you with an better ideas that you never expect .

This is me a bridge to you. For your better English skills and your better life. So accept me n keep in touch with me because we are born to win the world and lots of good things are yet to come to you. Remember I am always with you just ping me.



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