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Aurobindo Ghosh was born on 15 August 1872, in Calcutta, West Bengal.

He received education from U.K, he excelled in studies and passed the Indian Civil Service Exam. However he failed the horseriding test he couldn’t join the job.

On his returned from England, he accepted a position with Sayajirao Gaikwad of Baroda and prepared speeches for Gaikwad.

Aurobindo ghosh

Initially his political activities were limited to Baroda but later they extended to Maharashtra, Gujarat, Bengal, he learned that languages too.

Ghosh wanted to capture attention of people through his writing, urging the youth to work for County. He formed secret revolutionary societies.

British prosecuted Aurobindo on charges of propagating sedition through his writing in ‘Bande Mataram’, Dharma, Arya the paper which he edited.

Then he turned towards spiritual way,such as Meditation,Yoga. He believed in supernatural powers. According to people he could stayed in meditation for 6-8 hours and he could went one place to another through his supernatural powers.

He prepared his supernatural powers strongly throughout hard meditation,that’s why he also known as ‘Karmyogi’ and later ‘Yogi Aurobindo’.

As according to people Aurobindo accepted live Tomb and he stayed alive for 122 days in that tomb because of his extra supernatural powers.

We must have salute him for his spiritual powers and his contribution in independence of India.

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