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Coming together is a beginning, living together is a progress, and working together is a success. By this motive, India has transformed enormously in many fields of human endeavour, since the first Republic Day.

So, after a splendid comeback in New Year 2017, WordsMaya had taken a recent initiative in holding a video-making competition for all its students, to enhance their communication skills and also to work on their art of public speaking and presentation skills, this Republic Day.

The results were enormously surprising, as we were truly amazed looking at our students’ enthusiasm in making the videos.

republic day competition

Ranging from speeches related to the Fundamental Rights provided by the Constitution of India, to a few positive changes that one has noticed in his/her country since the first Republic Day , has been spoken about, by the students.

Sagar Borade, a student from Pune, had listed 5 positive changes that he feels has come about in the nation, has been really appreciated. Also, there’s Vaibhav Kaiche, Madhavi Dhotre, Vipul Ranjane, Juhi Hebale and Naresh Kumar, who have spoken about the basic Fundamental Rights provided to every citizen in the country.

Right to Equality : All Indian citizens should be treated equally before the law.

These were words quoted from Prajakta Udhav’s inspiring video on Fundamental Rights. She has spoken about how important education is, in our country and also wins our hearts with the way she expresses the very need of Fundamental rights for the citizens. According to her, Fundamental Rights help in preserving human dignity and also allow every Indian citizen to live in our country with self respect.

The link below , provides an access to all the videos submitted by our students.

For all the other videos , visit the link given below

We heartily thank all our students, for participating in this competition. The results will be declared on the morning of 26th January. Until then, stay tuned to WordsMaya.

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