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Chaitanya Chenna, a very focused student of WordsMaya has written an article on Places to Visit in his hometown(TADIPATRI).


Tourists who visits near to my home town, I suggest them to visit the two main historical places near to my town. One is the Shivalayam the ancient historical temple and Belum caves which is the second largest cave in Indian sub-continent.

The Shivalayam temple is on the banks of the River Pennar and is constructed in 1490. It is located at the north side of the town. In the temple the Siva lingam was placed on the pedestal, the water seeping from the bottom of the Siva lingam. Everyone must visit this temple because it has a beautiful architecture and also the entrances to the temple are on the South and West which is not seen in any temple. In this temple shivaratri festival will celebrate grandly and in a special way so I suggest you all to visit in that period.

Belum cave is the largest and longest cave in Indian sub-continent. Belum caves are located 30 km far away from my home town, I suggest you all to visit this place because it is natural underground cave and was formed over the course of tens of thousands of years by the constant flow of underground water. Inside the cave you feel coolness because of the previous water flow and also
In some areas still we can see the water which is flowing in the cave. The depth of the cave is nearly 160 feet and the length is nearly 4 km and but we can visit up to 1.5 km after that we won’t get the sufficient air so they restricted that remaining area .Only the people who are working over there can visit.

I suggest you all to visit in the rainy season and winter season, in the rainy season you can see the water falls.

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