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The above statement is proved by Vicky. He came with his father to attend one of my WordsMaya workshops at Indira Institute of Business Management.

He would come across as a cheerful and enthusiastic person and he would greet you with a firm handshake and a warm smile but when you observe him closely you would realize that he is differently-abled, he is visually impaired.

He waited patiently for the class to start and I asked him if he would like to introduce himself to the class but he said he would do it later. As I started the activities in the workshop he was listening with immense concentration. He started getting comfortable and seemed to be enjoying the session. He cheered with others whenever a student gave a good answer, he was lost in his thoughts when he did not know the answer to any particular question, he asked me his doubts and was happy with the answers.

I started an activity called as Improv wherein the students had to create stories on the go, after some time Vicky suddenly got up from his chair and started walking towards me. I thought he wanted to take a short break but I was pleasantly surprised when he told me he wants to participate in the activity. The activity started and the participants started weaving stories, I used to touch his hand or call out his name whenever it was he turn. He was excellent in Impromptu speech, his mind was alert and his imaginative skills were outstanding. He did not falter or stop even once during the activity and received applause from the entire class when the activity was over.

I requested him to say a few words before the workshop was concluded. He stood up and spoke in English confidently in front of the class. He shared his experiences of attending interviews and learning various things. He holds a Limca record for having a collection of more than 2000 model cars. The way he was speaking was astonishing, the perfect rate of speech with a loud and clear voice. His voice had the perfect blend of being proud of his achievement but at the same time the eagerness to learn more and the happiness to have the opportunity of connecting with the students. The students were listening attentively and cheered for him when he concluded the speech.

It was probably one of the best workshops I have conducted till now. My students left the class highly motivated as they believed that with a strong willpower and determination anything is possible.

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