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Each one of us have that soft and hidden corner in us where we remember our old days, our past and crave to live those moments of our life again. How many of us remember our own childhood days when we happen to pass by some kids playing on the road while we are comfortably sitting in the car or on our bike? That single glimpse which lasts no more than a moment, takes us years back into our life where we just enjoyed and learnt through games and simple lessons, miles away from the stress and the busy life that we have today.

Most of us have surely related a random scene or activity that we come across in our daily routine life to an incident in our past life, the mere recollection of which brings a wide smile on our face, making us forget the intense stress in our present life for some moments. You see parents and kids shopping together, where a kid is trying to convince his parents to buy what he wants and the mother as usual just sways his mind by telling him some hypothetical story that prevents him from thinking of that thing he wanted. Do we smile when we see this? Yes. But have you ever thought why? What brings that smile on your face? The mother changing the kid’s thoughts or the “little you” that you see in that kid which reminds you of your mother doing the same during your childhood? Life was different, wasn’t it?

Today, we have such big concerns in our life. Some years ago, our tension would only be limited to studies, homework, extra-curricular activities etc. and this seemed very big at that time. Little did we realize that life has much intense concerns to give us – Job, Responsibilty of your family and much more. In the current scenario, if anyone is asked how many “Happy Moments” or “Yay Moments” you have had in the past year or six months, people will hardly be able to recall. We are forgetting to enjoy life. Nostalgia is all we are left with today. Those times with friends, the feeling of belongingness with family, those pranks played with siblings or with your friends, those little games, those music classes, throwing paint colours and chalks at each other, pairing your friend with any random person in the class……Well there’s no end to this. By now most of you must have started remembering more than I have mentioned above. Does it relieve your mind and give you inner joy momentarily? Yes it does. Then why do we want to live in nostalgia all the time?

We still have to have fun and make new memories so that when we look back at our life, sitting on a chair by the window side, sipping a cup of tea in the morning, with lots of grey hair on the head, the mere recollection of these memories would make us re-live those joyous moments. At the end, we will be content and happy with the feeling that “I did not waste my life”.

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Ankita Shah

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