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Pune city is the place very close to my heart because it’s my native place. Not only this but the city also attracts me to its vast history, its charm, silence and much more the list is endless!!

The City is famous for many things even for its puneri patya.. yes u heard it right for its puneri patya too. You can say anywhere in the world puneri patya to a maharashtrian person and he will recognize you that you are from PUNE.

Pune city is also known as OXFORD OF THE EAST because of the education hub located in middle of the city. City consists of many institutes but number of them are there from late 1800s such as college of engineering pune, Ferguson college, parshurambhau college. This enriching culture of education attracts students all over
the world. It has large number of students from all over the country and also have nternational students. Many of them come here for education or job and settle here. It also have NDA which is the the national defence academy from 1947 soon after the independence, covering the mountains and the khadakwasla for its training
programs. City’s large area is under deffence.

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The City also gave a large number of business tycoon such as poonawala , bajaj, avinash bhosale, mallya. They added up more value to the City because of their hard work nd not only pune but made india proud all over the world for their work. The city also consists of Osho auditorium.The arrival of Osho to the city gave it an international flavour. The Osho International Meditation Resort has acquired international recognition with thousands of people, from more that 100 countries, visiting the Resort every year.The beauty of the Resort is its green and tranquil surroundings creating the most suitable environment for meditation and introspection.Osho Teerth, a beautiful garden is an important place for Pune visitors. It is a major contribution to the environment of westside Pune. It has also the won the award of ‘Pune’s Pride.’

Tourist attraction: The palace has developed into a national and international place of pilgrimage with over a lakh of visitors every year who come to pay homage to the samadhis here, located in kirkee and many other places.The palace is surrounded by a sprawling garden. It has shankar wada which resembles the history.

Functions held here:

  1. Martyr’s day – 30th January
  2. Mahashivratri – Kasturba’s death anniversary celebrated as Mother’s day
  3. Independence day – 15th August
  4. Republic day – 26th January
  5. Bapu’s birth anniversary and Ba and Bapu awards ceremony – 2nd October
essay on pune city

More or less the always gave me Lott. Lot of learning, friends, food and much more. The city is colourful, is iconic, is energetic, but more than that it’s safe. In city i love the more is the silence of the City which feels like it is saying you something and you will hear it when you will try to listen it from soul of your heart.The City which makes everyone feel comfortable in its environment, it takes care of you like a mother.

essay on pune city

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Sagar Dhuke

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