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Our student Anuradha Sharma dedicates her article on Teachers’ Day to the hand that helped us take our baby steps.

Every 5th September, we celebrate teacher’s day. Teachers are very important people in our life, because they taught us about everything and they give us knowledge by that we grow in our life.

Sometimes I wonder, ‘Who is our first teacher?’ The first answer comes in my mind is that ‘our first teacher is our MOTHER.’ She taught us about every little right thing from the first day of our lives. Without her who could have taught us about each and every little thing which we do in our daily life? From holding a thing to running, from brushing our teeth to taking a shower.’ She is the one who taught us everything.

She always tells some stories by which we learn about life and we could become a good human being. She taught us to give respect to our elders and love to our friends and younger ones. Sometimes we don’t understand what she wants to tell us or teach us but when we grow old we understand what she wanted to teach us that time.

So, a person can be a doctor, an engineer, an actor etc. But first we all are humans. She makes us a person which no one else in the world can make us. Our mothers taught us to grow as a human. Her care and love makes us a good human being by that we give love to others.

I learned a lot of things from my mother, now i am teaching my children about life.

About the author : Anuradha likes to live her life like there is no tomorrow. A fitness freak and danseuse- she chose Zumba as a means of bringing both her passions together on a single platform. She is an eager learner and does not shy from experimentation. A simple girl who wants to spread love(and pranks) everywhere, WordsMaya looks forward to more such interesting work from her. Welcome to the family, Anuradha!

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