Atul Patil

Subject Matter Expert


Atul held strategic positions as a consultant and executive in national and International companies. Earlier in his career Atul had a chance to work for Bajaj Auto, General Electric, DaimlerChrysler, General Motors, John Deere, Boeing, Kawasaki in direct or consulting roles. Atul was Vice President with TATA group for over 8 years. He is being recognized as a veteran of the engineering & services industry, is a leader and mentor for his subordinates, friends and for his superiors as well.

Atul has experience in operating on multiple roles in engineering business. He started with a part of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and had a chance to execute foreign collaborations, New technology development and transfers, JV formation and receiving consulting services. He has major contribution in product design, Testing, Analysis and Technology development for global OEMs. He holds many research papers published internationally and patents filed on his name. He also had opportunity to contribute in market research at both India and Global level also had close interactions with Analysts of various global consulting houses like McKinsey, Booz and Co., Frost and Sullivan, Forrester, Value Notes, etc.

By the turn of the millennium, he has become an Entrepreneur and started his own Training Institute known as IKSC Knowledge Bridge Pvt. Ltd. The objective is to bridge the gap between current engineering academics and Industry requirements by infusion of Industry knowledge and be catalyst for fresh engineering professionals to build our manufacturing Industry. IKSC is affiliated to NSDC and ASDC for offering high end NSQF level 6, 7 programs. Aim of IKSC is to invoke engineering passion in young engineers to evolve a nobel prize winner from our country. The institute is based on three foundation pillars for its operations, Developing India Brand as “Designed in Bharat”, "Engineered in Bharat“ and "Made in Bharat".

Atul with his three decades of professional experience is passionate to bring practical industrial knowledge to students to enable them to build a right career path.


Academic Positions


Managing Director

IKSC Knowledge Bridge Pvt. Ltd.


Associate Vice President

Tata Technologies Ltd.

Education And Training



Canadian School of Management(Manitoba/Iowa).

Automotive Vehicle Design Technology

The University of Southampton, ISVR

Design Engineering

College Of Engineering Pune (COEP)

Automotive Enginering

Regional college of Engineering, Nagpur (VRCE)