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Madan lal Dhingra was a freedom fighter. He was born on 18 Sept,1883 in Amritsar, Punjab and died on 17 Aug,1909 in London.

His father was a civil surgeon. Dhingra studied at MB International college in Amritsar. After that he went to Lahore to govt. College university. In 1904, he protested against the principal who gave order to have the college blazer made of England’s cloth.

In 1906, he went to England to study mechanical engineering.

To see Dhingra’s patriotism, Savarkar and krishan verma were very impressed which turned his focus to the freedom struggle.

In 1909, a large number of Indians and Englishmen had gathered for annual function of INA. To see Sir Curzon, Dhingra fired five shots at his face. His doctor Lalkaka tried to save him but he died.

Police arrested him. Before the judge he accepted Curzon’s killing. He was sentenced to death. He was hanged on 17 aug, 1909. Before death he stated ” I feel proud to sacrifice my life for my country. But remember we shall have our time in the days to come”.

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