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WordsMaya student Akash Zararia speaks about the ethereal experience of listening to the Indian National Anthem.

Whenever, I listen the National anthem of our country, suddenly I start getting the goosebumps and I am sure we all get the same.which is clear indication of love,enthusiasm and patriotism for our nation. My head goes down and salute all those great people who sacrifice their life for our nation and for us, who gave us to breath our life in independent country.They were those people whose only aim was to make this country free .It also give the inspiration of doing something meaningful to make our nation proud,it remind us the responsibilities and duties for our country.Listening our national anthem give the feeling of joy, delecation and unity in people which keep motivating us towards our nation’s development.

Listen to the Indian National Anthem here, it includes translation in English:

Akash belongs to Nagpur and aspires to flourish in the field of biotechnology. He is a sincere learner, an active participant in student activities with WordsMaya and loves to garner appreciation from his teachers with his academic performances.

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