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It is really very difficult to talk about life. Many great saints and philosophers have written so many things about life. According to me life is a way you live it. Look at your life in very gradual way, don’t make it complicated. It only depends on the way how you look at it, it becomes the same.

Be happy always, don’t look for other person to make you happy or don’t find your happiness in someone else. In this matter take idol of Mr.Bean who enjoys his own company and never thinks of the world.

Always have the tendency of forgetting and forgiving. Because anger is like poison its drinking poison and expecting other person to die. In the same way forgetting is also very important because unless and until you don’t bury those bitter memories, experiences in your life you won’t be able to move ahead. If you don’t turn the page of your previous chapter you can’t be able to begin a new chapter.

Being focused is also very important in life. Never flow in that temporary happiness river. Because that river doesn’t have any destination. And once you are on your destination no one can take your happiness away from you.

“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
Mae West

About the Author: Renuka Deolalikarnd is a second year engineering student studying in BVCOEW, PUNE. She stood First in the blog writing competition held by WordsMaya. Being optimistic personality, she’s stated ‘live to the fullest’ .

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