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To, Date: 09/04/2017

Kunal S. Gharewal,


Hello Kunal, how are you? How is everyone at home? What are you doing these days? If I am right i think you are now 60 years old. This is the first time I am writing a letter to myself considering 60 years from now. So I would like to ask you some questions.

Hey in our twenties I had set some goals and had lots of dreams I hope that you do remember them right. So let’s begin one by one. You know that I was a reserved person, so am I the same person even today or have I changed? Because that was really bothering me that time and I did not have many friends to share a lot of things. Due to this kind of attitude I didn’t had a girlfriend. So I hope that you have now changed and are spending more time with family and friends. You know I also had a dream that I would build a bike all by myself and open up a custom bike shop and own a restaurant and during day be in our own garage and in evening hangout at the restaurant and cook some beautiful dishes and serve to my wife. Hey and speaking about our home have you renovated it or did you sold it? Because I wanted to renovate and make it more beautiful. I hope that you had you had married to a beautiful girl and how you had met her god only knows. Are you still in touch with our buddy Ashish? What is he doing these days? Has he married to the same girl that I know today or is it someone else? Yeah I know it’s funny but he is seriously a good guy and I really hope that you still are in touch with each other.

Hey got to go now. It felt good writing a letter to myself 60 years from now, and it kind of gave me boost you know to set some goals and to check them whether I have achieved it or not. So see you soon. Take care.

Kunal Gharewal.

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