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Hi older me,
It’s the same day 35 years ago.
May be you remember or maybe not. This was opportunity provided by Wordsmaya when you were in your most dominating and transforming phase of your life. These days the spending was 20000 INR a month I know it’s less but you are having great time with it. Recently left manufacturing machinery field on 5th November 2017 for automotive Field. Trying to get results and grades in IKSC.

India is Fastest growing economy under the governance of Mr. Modi. World is looking at awaking of the golden bird. Transport dept. is running at speed of 22km speed/ per day for Roads constructions. Make in India is in progress with positive approach so, as make in Bharat.

Do you remember your interests for Foods, Black color, Circuits? Guitar sessions are going superb and as well the travelling. I want to ask how many more cities are done. That’s a great figure isn’t it? I knew you have more plans coming.

You thought of the most important thing you want yourself to remember when you read this.
Yeah you got it! Your contribution to your society. Of course! I knew you don’t want to hear as you are too smart now and you have already started on being in the process.

Nice to see that you still have interest in you. 🙂
Yours Truly,
Lalit Rajput.

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