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It is very sad thing for us that a person who create the food are not able to eat 2 times a day. Their children works hard and sleeps hungry. What is going on in this country and how can such condition happen. The person because of him we are here can’t afford education for his children’s. For them educate their child is major problem because they doesn’t have money and they requires labour in farm so they use their children as worker. Whenever we go to mall or other places we are not negotiating for branded things but whatever that farmer sells we make bargaining for few rupees.

India have very much population depended on agriculture. Farmers are totally depends on rain but from last few years rain has decreased so their problem is increased so they start committing suicide and believe me this is truly embarrassing situation for any society. The issue that causes farmer to commit suicide are required to be paid attention immediately. If we fail to give timely attention to this growing issue, the situation may get even worse and nation will have to pay very big value for this. Major problem is because of globalisation and liberalisation. Import of food grains at cheaper prices has already begun and on the other side, our farmers are forced to burn their ready crops in the fields. Government is trying at its best by running many farmer welfare schemes, but we also should do something to help our farmers like don’t make bargaining while buying vegetables and fruits as well as we will not make any issue on news channel when price of some foods and vegetables have increased. So its kindly request to you that help farmers and convert them from picture 1 to picture 2.

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Rahul Aher

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