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For most of us, even the idea of going on the stage to speak in front of people gives us a nightmare. 

Stage fear is a real problem for most of us, we just tend to go blank the next minute we set foot on stage.

So how to overcome stage fear?

Well, let me give you three simple pointers, which I learned from my trainer, which can help you overcome stage fear.

  • Begin: Yes, you read right. The first step is to begin, take every opportunity to speak, however scary it may seem.
  • Take Feedback: When someone corrects, you don’t get offended. Take it as feedback to improve.
  • People Don’t Remember: Even if you are speaking in front of the same audience, they don’t remember most of the speech.  

Below you can watch WordsMaya trainer’s video as she explains more about overcoming your stage fear.

Thank you for reading.