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All of us tend to remember the things we did for the first time, may it be learning swimming, riding a bike, first date, etc. If I am asked to choose my fabulous first, however, it will be my first student who really made me a teacher. She is an AMAZING person- very enthusiastic, humble, willing to accept her mistakes and always tries her best to work on them. She has her own business- a beautiful nursery. She loves gardening and cooking.

My first call with her was quite awkward, she was scared to talk to me in English and used Marathi a lot of times in the conversation. I was scared too.

With zero clues about how the call would go, I had questions in my mind like-

  • Will she enjoy talking to me?
  • Will she be satisfied with my English proficiency?
  • Would she be comfortable sharing her thoughts with me?
  • Will she like me as a teacher?

As the conversation went further, I realized it wasn’t as difficult as I thought. In fact, after a while, I began enjoying it. First of all, I assured her that it’s okay to make mistakes, we can always work on them. I explained that she shouldn’t be scared of talking to me as I am there to help her. After a while I realized that her fears had reduced, she had started to trust me and that’s when I decided that I will do my best to help her improve.

The course started.

Initially, my student was making mistakes while reading out sentences and a lot of typographical errors. She started losing her confidence but then, I managed to keep her motivated.

I started having telephonic calls with her and asked her to speak on her favorite topics like Gardening, Astrology, Shopping, etc. Gradually her confidence increased and she started believing that she can speak fluently in English. I could observe the slight changes as she started using new words and framing small, but grammatically correct sentences, the length of her audio files increased from a few seconds to a minute or two. She regularly attended the sessions and had actually maintained a separate notebook to jot down all the important points.

The breakthrough in the sessions came when I gave her a random topic and she spoke about it for almost five minutes.

In that particular audio file, she was supremely confident, her flow of speech was perfect, she was using advanced vocabulary and was speaking in a very structured manner, she was making very few grammatical mistakes. After listening to that audio file I was thrilled, my eyes moistened because of the immense satisfaction in my heart. I recalled my first conversation with her- a shy and scared lady had changed into a confident and positive person. Thus, a teacher in me was born as her confidence gave me confidence that I can teach, I can help people improve their English and exude confidence.

I met her in person for the first time after her course was over. She was exactly the way I had imagined she would be.

Radiant, full of energy and positivity. She was talking to me in English and I felt as if I have really achieved something. It was like meeting a celebrity for the first time. All my students are celebrities for me. She said she would like to start the course again as she missed our conversations and speaking in English about random topics. We will be renewing her course very soon and this time, I am certain she is going to achieve all new levels of learning.

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