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We asked some of our students to write short stories as part of our student projects. They selected one of these two kinds:

  1. A story which MUST CONTAIN certain keywords given to them by our teachers.
  2. A picture story. The student was given a picture and poetic freedom to narrate it.

Team WordsMaya was left beaming with pride as our students wove tales around the simple words and pictures. We are publishing some of the best narratives out of nearly 20 entries.


Participant 1: Deepali
Words given to Deepali: Money, gold, a ring, house, wealthy, happy.

Honesty is the best policy

Once upon a time there lived a poor man. He was so poor that many times he does not have enough food to eat. He always wish to have enough food to eat and clothes to wear. One day he was wandering to search

But he did not get any work. So he was disappointed. He was sitting on a bench thinking what to do so that he can at least get food to eat.

He saw something glittering in the gap of bench. He watched carefully and to his surprise he found that it was a ring.

He did not understand what to do with it and sat there looking at the ring. Then he decided to go to the goldsmith. By the time he leaves the place, a gentleman came there looking for something.

So the man asked him what he was looking for. The gentleman told he had lost his golden ring and searching for it.

The man verified that the gentleman is genuine and returned the ring to him. The gentleman thanked him and introduced himself that he is a businessman. He offered the man a job in his company. The man was very happy. He worked sincerely and honestly. A few years passed. Now the man was in a top position having own house.

Now he was financially sound and happy. But he did not forget his past and help needy people to overcome their problems.

About the author: Deepali is a hard-working WordsMayan, balancing her work as a sales coordinator as well proudly parenting an adolescent daughter. A supermom schooled in Marathi, she is eager to master the English language and sincerely participates in student activities. Deepali is not very internet-savvy but is determined to get over her tech-peeves soon.

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