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“75% of graduates are not employable due to poor English communication skills" – Various National Employability Reports

“92% of recruiters say that soft skills are just as important–or more important–than hard skills" – LinkedIn Report.

Do your students fail to impress the interviewer with confident communication skills and personality? Empower your students with soft skills with these online blended courses.

WordsMaya online learning platform provides high-quality content and live trainer guidance on English speaking, professional communication skills, soft skills, personality development, and job interview preparation.

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English Speaking Skills

17 hours of learning content covering different types of verbs, different types of tenses, parts of speech like nouns, adjectives, prepositions, articles, many other sentence structure elements like interjections, clipped words, power words and commonly used phrases required for common everyday situations and wide range of conversation topics related to everyday life etc.

Rs 1000 + GST

Professional Communication Skills

18 hours of learning content covering tips to overcome the fear of spoken English, how to improve vocabulary, use your voice effectively, positive body language, 6 tips to hook any audience, understanding do’s and don'ts for perfect presentations, keeping the attention of the audience, structuring your presentation, handle difficult questions from audiences etc.

Rs 1000 + GST

Soft Skills and Personality Development

19 hours of learning content covering telephone etiquette, dining etiquette, dressing and grooming etiquette, meeting etiquette, office etiquette, business card etiquette, global etiquettes, different aspects of body language, improve listening skills, expressing using words and tone effectively, writing effectively especially emails, communicating with different communicators, communicating in tricky situations

Rs 1000 + GST

Job Interviews Preparation

19 hours of learning content covering different tools useful for job search, different sections in a resume, video resume, dealing with different GD topics, speaking confidently in a GD, overcoming the fear of interview, cracking campus interviews, preparing answers for most common personal interview questions, telephonic Interviews and pre-Interview and post-Interview activities.

Rs 1000 + GST


Making students corporate ready
Least impact on academic schedule
Standardized curriculum and Training methodology
process-driven execution and continuous reporting

How It Works?

High quality content on mobile app
Engaging videos and podcasts with quizzes
Live trainer guidance in small groups
activity-based learning and practice
Measured impact
Pre-course and post-course assessments to measure learning outcomes


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