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WordsMaya student Ram imagines a face to face encounter with the Father of the Nation! Scroll down for an interesting read.

The name that strikes my mind when heard about Independence is Mahathma Gandhiji who belovedly called as Bapu-The father of the nation. Though there are lot of other freedom fighters who contributed for our freedom the major credit must be given to him for his principles and executions. I feel really elated when he is in front of me.

Firstly, I thank him for the work he have done for the country for the cause of Independence we are very indebted to him and explains how much we love him and how we are using the currency of his photo and names for many things likes political forts and roads, Which shows the love and respect of people of our nation to him.

Later, when he asks about the positives and negatives after the Independence, I would start with positives saying,

We got our own ruling instead of being slaves under British.

We got our own currency printed with your photo on it.

India became all united after the Independence.

The Nehru Gandhi family made a good platform of ruling Indians and many beneficiaries provided to the people.

Our own Constitution which is largest in the world and made India a largest Democratic country.

Own Constitution helped for the backward classes to develop greatly and reservations helped them to acquire higher status in the society.

Many social evils got curbed.

Our army in all ways got stronger and also the nuclear weapons and power we had due to sir APj Abdul kalam is an asset.

We got our own space research organization like isro which couldn’t be possible with British rule and we made our journey to Mars.

Following the principles you preached we became a neutral country for the wars between other countries which decreased the human loss and financial loss greatly.

Present politician leading the country looks promising for the better future of India which is also a positive vibe.

Also there are few negative changes after the Independence like.

Partition of India and Pakistan always a trouble for both the countries and every time there were wars like kargil.

We have been a developed country by now like Singapore and Malaysia but due to the change in political greediness we are still being a developing country.

The value of the rupee compared to the US dollar is more than the dollar value before Independence but now it’s lot of difference.

Some constitutional rights are devaluing and reservations are prevailing even for the people who are rich.

Resources are down compared before the Independence.

Over all it totally changed the fate of the Indians and making India to raise their bars globally in fields.
And finally about his 3 monkeys I say the one which is blind became judiciary, the one which is deaf became government and the one which is mute became the citizens.

About the Author : Rama Kiran is from Machilipatnam, a coastal town in Andhra Pradesh. He is very curious about everything and love learning. A quality engineer by profession, he is extremely passionate about automobiles. He wants to be an expert in the domain and also wants his communication skills to be well adjusted to an MNC. This is how he came across WordsMaya and he has been an eager learner throughout his course. One quirk about Rama? He hates mangoes!

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