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We had asked our students to prepare advertisements on various products assigned to them.

Seema comes from the city known for its grapes and vineyards, Nashik. She is well-travelled and is an active member of a NGO. She had written an ad for some beautiful, premium wine glasses.

Susmita is an active citizen from Pune. Fond of cooking, she wants to write a particular recipe book in the near future. In the ad written by here, she tells you the features of Sara hand-mixi.

example of advertisement of a product

Our student, Ashwini a housewife, written this advertisement. Ashwini is passionate about learning more and more. She has come a long way from learning how to communicate to writing advertisements.

example of advertisement of a product

Anju is a happy homemaker from Mathura who loves her garden and trying out new recipes. She is passionate about learning. Here, she introduces an exclusive pendant for all the ladies.

Sharad hails from Pune and is a spiritual person. He practices ‘Rajyoga’ which is a type of meditation. He is a quick learner and creative. His creativity can be seen in the following advertisement. That’s a witty brand name!

example of advertisement of a product

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