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Student of WordsMaya Ashwini wrote about Raksha Bhandhan, and shared her childhood memories with her teacher.

Rakshabandhan is a festival used to celebrate by everyone but very few people knew real reason behind it.

For new generation it’s only a festival, when Rakhi tying by sister and brother gave her expensive gift.

Rakshabandhan is not only a tying thread on wrist, but also the bond of love, friendship, trust between sister and brother.

Every good relationship doesn’t need only commitment but two people, one for do something for relationship and another to understand emotions behind it.

My elder brother of childhood used to bring Cadbury celibration pack every year because I loved chocolates. He studied post graduation but always gave inspiration me for further education. Now he doing job in parli.

My younger brother he completed his graduation before few years and now doing job in parli. He used to very funny and gave me one rupee coin every year and took return after some time.

These are my cousins, they also celebrated Rakshabandhan with us. Actually I have 7 uncles and aunts so u can imagine, how big family I have and now every family lives in different cities so every year it is not possible to gathered together but we gathered occasionally and enjoyed together.

In childhood we often fought for anything but then played together, we used to play carrom. We often went together to farm every Sunday .my mother was doing job so we worked together until tenth. We went to our native place in vacation and all cousins enjoyed together. We used to swim in a river in our farm. But after eleventh every one has gone to different places for education and all cousins met occasionally but whenever I went to parli my two brothers, sister, their children and my children, we all enjoyed a lot.

Our student, Ashwini, a housewife, has made this articles. Ashwini is passionate about learning more and more. She has come a long way from learning how to communicate to write articles/advertisements.

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