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Our student Nikhil Patil, shares with us , a few words on Trump-Presidency .

we can hope this new era of Trump Presidency will show right path to world.

America’s 45th president Donald Trump took charge on 20 January 2017 and released lots of orders one bye one in which, one decision is- he cancelled Obama health cover policy and one most important and recent decision is- he banned on seven countries citizens to come in America. Lots of people in America and from other countries demonstrated to oppose him.

Trump fire attorney journal who oppose to plead government order in court under reason this order will nit withstand in front of American law.

Foreign department officer of America erased questions on this ban and challenge to president trump. Trump is president of world oldest democracy but his policy look like autocratic.

This Trump storms will destroy all foreign policy of America and international politics in future days.and whole world is worried about this.

But we can hope this new era of Trump Presidency will show right path to world.

About the author-


WordsMaya student Nikhil Patil, from Jalgaon, is a confident and enthusiastic young man and elder of 2 siblings. Currently pursuing product engineering in BIW & crash analysis, he loves expressing his thoughts via poems and blogging. His hobbies include painting, sketching and reading. His favorite world is ‘Self-confidence’ because according to Nikhil- ‘no can do anything if they don’t have confidence on themselves’.

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