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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I directly register for SkillsBuild?

If you try to register yourself on SkillsBuild yourself, you will be redirected to Ignite platform which has very limited content and no option of getting certificates. So we recommend you to get access to SkillsBuild through WordsMaya Empower.

Can I show these certificates in my resume and during the interviews?

For each certificate you earn, you can download the certificate as a soft copy and even take a print. You can also put the unique link of the certificate in your resume and LinkedIn profile.

Do I have to pay extra for certificates later?

Once you pay for the access fees to the platform, there are no additional fees you need to pay.

IBM courses are very costly elsewhere. Why the fees of Empower are so low?

WordsMaya is also a social enterprise with a mission to to empower 1 lakh learners to become job-ready. As a result, the WordsMaya course fees are always kept affordable. Now, WordsMaya is a proud partner of IBM SkillsBuild which is an initiative under IBM CSR efforts. So we are offering access to SkillsBuild platform at no extra cost.

Is there any restriction on number of courses or certificates I can take?

During the subscribed time, you can learn as much as you can and earn certificates.

Where can I get coupon code for discounts?

We distribute coupon codes through our partner institutes and organizations. So check if your own institute or organization is already our partner. Else, you can help us get associated. Contact us by filling the form here https://wordsmaya.com/contact/