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Ishan Giradkar, a WordsMaya student, has given us a real easy recipe to cook some delicious Egg Curry for ourselves tonight.

Ingredients used:

  1. 4 eggs
  2. Spices(salt,chill powder,tarmeric powder,garam masala)
  3. Veg (tomoto ,onion,coriander leaves,ginger and garlic)
  4. 2 tsp oil.

Recipe steps:

  1. First we boil the eggs
  2. Peel off the egg cover
  3. And fry the eggs in oil till the colour turn to redish.
  4. Next step is make a peste of onion,tomato,coriander,ginger garlic.
  5. Now take oil in a pan add some seeds of cummin seed after the oil get hot. Put the paste puree in the pan and fry it till it became radish.
    Add the spices.
    Put the eggs and some water for grevy.
  6. Take the ready cury in the bowl with the flat bread.

Enjoy the teasty egg curry??

So, try out the steps given above, by Ishan and tell us how the meal was, in the comments section below.

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