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I still remember the first workshop in August wherein I met all of them for the first time, some of the students were nervous, some were hesitant and others were curious as to what exactly I would be doing in the workshop.

Our activities started with introductions and I understood they all are a talented lot… Slowly I started knowing them better and gave suggestions as and when needed. I could feel that the shyness and nervousness reduced drastically. They started attempting to speak in English. The students enjoyed the activities and actively participated in them…

I understood that they were exhausted, overburdened with studies, assignments, extra-curricular activities but still they attended all the workshops and I kept on pushing them to stretch their limits, at times I’m sure my students must’ve been angry but it was all because I wanted them to do really well in the final workshop which would be Presentations.

7th October was the final day, the day of presenting what my students had learnt and trust me, I was more nervous than them, as with each student giving the presentations, I felt as if I’m presenting on that stage. I was delighted to see that they all had come a long way, they were maintaining eye contact with the audience, speaking in a loud and clear voice, their body language showed Positivity. Some were making mistakes, some forgot sentences but the best thing was that they all Tried….

It takes a lot of courage and confidence to be in front of an audience and speak and I must say, all my students were CONFIDENT!!!

I’m extremely happy and lucky to get a chance to mentor the wonderful students of Indira Institute of Mangement, Pune and a big thanks to WordsMaya for giving me this amazing opportunity!!!

It’s indeed a pleasure to know them all! I am really thankful to my students for all the warm smiles, care, love and of course the delicious box of chocolates!!!

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