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We asked our student Hasmukh to write down what impression the following picture created in his mind as part of his writing assignment. The result was heartwarming.

Let me tell you a story of one of our patient. Her name was Tincy. Tincy was 12 years old. She was a brilliant student and she had keenly interested interest in acting. Unfortunately, she had diagnosed with acute Leukemia, a type of blood cancer and her leukemia was bit different and incurable. She had maximum one year.

Can you imagine, how brave she was? Let me tell you. When we broke news of her cancer, obviously after discussing with parents, you will be surprised to know that what she told us. She asked us as why are we worrying so much and gave us an example- “Sparrows has a life span of only 3 years but still they live their whole life happily. I have one year and I could do whatever l want to do.” We all were surprised.

Then slowly she became like our family member because she spent rest of the her time in the hospital itself only. One day I went for lumber puncture, a procedure to get some spinal fluid and as expected she was ready and gave knee elbow position for procedure however she suddenly stood up and asked me that she will only give to undergo the procedure if i would dance for her on song ‘Lungi Dance’. As she was our darling patient I could not refused it. I danced in front of all patients in ward and then she did the procedure. This was one of the many funny incidents with her.

Tincy succumbed to death after 9 months of diagnosis. She left but her soul will remain in our hearts forever.

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About the author : Hasmukh is a student of WordsMaya and a doctor by profession.

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