Winning the GD

Winning the GD

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Course Features

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Course Overview

Overview :

Group discussion (GD) plays an important role in the recruitment process. It needs careful preparation and confident execution to make an impact on the recruiter during the GD. This course gives practical tips to prepare and crack the GD to get your dream job.

Learning Outcome

Learning Outcomes :

At the end of the course, the learner will understand

  • Format of a group discussion.
  • Techniques to make an impact on the recruiter during the group discussion.

The course covers the following aspects :

  • List of GD topics and how to deal with them.
  • Mental preparation and research involved to face the GD.
  • How to speak in a GD.
  • How to start and summarise a GD.
  • Course Contents

    Course Contents :

    • 2 units, 10 lessons.
    • 12 quizzes, 120 questions.
    • 4 hours of learning time.
    • Completion certificate.

    Understand GD :

    • GD and its importance
    • GD vs Debate vs Brainstorming
    • Topics for GD
    • Winning the GD
    • How to prepare for GD

    Excel at GD :

    • Sentence starters for GD
    • How to speak in a GD?
    • Do’s and Dont’sin a GD
    • Start a Gd
    • Summarise a GD