Resume Writing and Job Searching Techniques

Resume Writing and Job Searching Techniques

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Course Overview

Getting your dream job is a herculean task. Most job aspirants do not understand the process from searching for available jobs to applying to different jobs with a professional cover letter and resume. This course gives a step-by-step guide to understand the process and techniques for searching for different jobs and applying to those with a professional resume.

Learning Outcome

At the end of the course, the learner will understand how to

  • The job search process and succeed at it.
  • How to create your resume like a pro.
  • How to create a Visume.

The course covers the following aspects

  • Understanding do’s and don’ts for perfect presentations
  • The mentality essential for a successful job search.
  • Different tools which can be used for job search.
  • Different sections in a resume.
  • Professional phrases and words to use in resume.
  • What strengths to mention on a resume.
  • How to create a video resume.

Course Contents

  • 4 units, 18 lessons.
  • 22 quizzes, 220 questions.
  • 6 hours of learning time.
  • Completion certificate.

Job Search

  • Job search -The mentality
  • Job search tools
  • Social media and job hunt
  • Jobs Abroad

Resume and its structure

  • Resume vs CV vs Biodata
  • Importance of resume
  • Basic resume structure part 1
  • Basic resume structure part 2
  • Basic resume structure part 3

Introduction to cover letter and resume parameters

  • Experienced vs fresher resume
  • What strengths to mention on a resume?
  • Career objective vs Career goal
  • Cover letter

Innovative tips and techniques of impressing the recruiter

  • How to get your resume past ATS?
  • What should not be included in a resume?
  • Professional phrases to use in resume and cover letter
  • Video Resume
  • How to make a great Linkedin profile?