Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills

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Course Overview

Overview :

Giving presentations constantly has become the norm for students, team members and managers. It can be a stressful, overwhelming experience because of by the fear of giving presentations. As a result, many presentations are highly ineffective. They fail to engage audiences, deliver the content clearly, and are frankly boring. This extensive course provides a step-by-step guide and easy to implement ideas to prepare, deliver the presentation as well as handle questions from the audience.

Learning Outcome

Learning Outcomes :

At the end of the course, the learner will understand how to

  • Give a presentation in any situation with confidence.
  • Engage with the audience.
  • Use body language and volume for effective presentation.
  • Gather and organise the data for a presentation.
  • Use modern communication tools or visual aids.
  • Handle question and answer aspect of the presentation effectively.

The course covers the following aspects

  • Understanding do’s and don’ts for perfect presentations
  • Keeping the attention of the audience during the entire presentation
  • How to structure your presentation to deliver your key messages
  • How to deal with the fear of speaking on stage
  • The importance of voice and body language
  • How to handle difficult questions from difficult audiences
  • How to design and use visual aids to support your message

Course Contents

Course Contents :

  • 6 units, 25 lessons.
  • 31 quizzes, 310 questions.
  • 9 hours of learning time.
  • Completion certificate.

Preparing and Structuring your presentation :

  • Preparing a presentation
  • Open With a bang
  • Structuring – End
  • Know your audience: Types of presentation
  • Structure Points

Confidence Building :

  • Fears of presentation and how to overcome
  • Impact of positive first impression
  • Handling stress when presenting
  • Tips and Tricks to build Confidence
  • Tips and Tricks to build Confidence
  • Developing Self Confidence

Using Visual Aids :

  • Visual Aid Part 1
  • Visual Aids Part 2
  • Visual Aid Part 3

Powerpack Impact :

  • Gestures and Posture
  • Eye Contact and Body Movement
  • Vocal Impact: Variation I
  • Vocal Impact Variation II

Dealing with Questions :

  • Presentation Skills and Answering Questions
  • Handling Aggressive or Hostile questioners

Learn from good Presenters :

  • Tips and Tricks used by Steve Jobs-I
  • Tips and Tricks used by Steve Jobs-II
  • Qualities of good presenter
  • Amazing Tips to give great presentation at work