English Grammar Made Simple – Part 1

English Grammar Made Simple – Part 1

Course Features

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Course Features

English Grammar Made Simple - Part 1
Anytime, Anywhere
Learn at your convenience.

English Grammar Made Simple - Part 1
Mentor Guidance
Get feedback on every assignment from experts.

English Grammar Made Simple - Part 1
Interactive assignments
Learn by practice. Assignments to help you improve faster.

English Grammar Made Simple - Part 1
Activities with the mentor
Interesting activities to apply your learning.

English Grammar Made Simple - Part 1
Learn on Chat
Simplest way of learning through Facebook Messenger.

English Grammar Made Simple - Part 1
Audio-Visual Curriculum
Emmersive experience of learning.


What will I learn?

  • Speak correct English with confidence.
  • Have a deeper understanding of english Grammar.
  • Say and write grammatically correct sentences.
  • Get confidence to face real life conversations.

About this Course

This course is for English learners who want a better understanding of English Grammar. Understanding English grammar is key to improve your speaking and writing skills. You need to make grammatically sentences while speaking or writing. This course builds your foundation for English grammar rules.

What are objectives of the course?

  • To correct English sentences in your daily life.
  • Create an English-learning environment around you and therefore, a marked improvement in fluency.
  • Understand & apply key concepts and rules of grammar.
  • Detecting mistakes you usually make during conversations.
  • Know what exactly to say in particular scenarios.

Why should I take this course?

You will get:

  • Detailed study material for every lesson
  • Interesting Podcasts to improve your listening skills
  • Interactive quizzes
  • Interesting assignments
  • Practice Workshops
  • Personalised mentor guidance
  • And much more….

What skills will I develop after the course?

After completing this course,you’ll be able to identify type of nouns, how to use the different kinds of pronouns, how to use grammar tenses efficiently, use adjectives, verbs and adverbs correctly while speaking or writing.

Who should take this course?

This course is for anyone who wants to learn about grammar who just wants to learn for their own benefit, who want to make sure that they can communicate effectively, or to simply be able to write without grammatical mistakes.

Any prerequisites?

No particular prerequisites required.

How will I get practice of speaking?

The workshops during the course will have interesting activities where you will be connected to WordsMaya Mentor on Facebook Messenger.

Will I get a certificate after course completion?

Yes, a Course Completion Certificate will be awarded to you!

Our Main Teachers

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Course Curriculum

Self learning Lessons on Chat!

This lesson is about how to use the words I, me and myself in any sentences correctly.
Simple Past
This lesson is about using simple past tense and use it correctly in sentences.
Simple Present
This lesson is about using simple present tense in forming correct sentences.
Simple Future
In this lesson, you will study the details of simple future tense and use it correctly in sentences.
This lesson is about the correct use of nouns and its different forms.
In this lesson you will learn more about preposition and how to use it in sentences.
Subject and predicate
This lesson teaches you the importance of subject and predicate in any sentence.
In this lesson you will learn the correct use of masculine, feminine and neuter genders in any sentences.
In this lesson you will learn the correct usage of he, she and it.
This lesson will teach you the details of definite and indefinite articles.
Singular – Plural
In this lesson you will learn the difference between singular and plural and the correct way to use it.
Question tags
In this lesson you will learn how to as use question tags correctly in any sentence.
WH – questions
This lesson will teach you to frame WH questions and the way to ask questions.

Practice Workshops with a Mentor

Workshop 1
Get to know your mentor, share your difficulties with the mentor and get guidance to improve your grammar.
Workshop 2
Practice what you have learned in the lessons with various activities.
Workshop 3
Learn to use correct sentences with various speaking activities.
Workshop 4
Learn to use correct grammar while speaking.

Assignments & Projects

What are the Assignments?

Assignments are interactive tests during the course. The assignments must be completed as per the schedule provided.

What are the projects?

The project will be writing or speaking activity to be completed by the learner at the end of the course.

Objective of the project

To see the improvement in learner and give a assessment report based on the project.
The project will be displayed on WordsMaya social media page where the learner can share his project with is friends.


About course sturcture

How should I start my course?

You can first select the course based on your requirement then click on “Take this Course button".
Which will direct you to the payment page. After you pay you will be given a link to install Facebook Messenger. Once you install Facebook Messenger WordsMaya will connect with you & start your course. If you already have Facebook Messenger your course will begin once you click on the link."

Are these video based courses?

No. Unlike other online courses, WordsMaya teaches communication English on your mobile via a chat application called Facebook Messenger using interactive activites & connecting you to a mentor.

Can I take a demo of any course?

Yes, you can take a demo of any course you want before enrolling for the course by clicking on “Take Free Lesson" button.

How much time do I have to spend per day?

Depending on your course & your learning abilities the time spent per day can vary anywhere between 15 to 30 minutes per day.

When will my course start?

The course start date will be informed to you by WordsMaya team after the enrollment procedure is complete.

What is the validity period of the course?

Validity period is the duration within which you must complete your course. After which you will not receive mentor feedback from WordsMaya. The validity period of this course is 30 days.

Why do I have to install Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger application have more features which will help you learn and understand in a better way.
It has less distractions as compared to other messaging applications.

How should I install Facebook Messenger on Android/iOS/Windows?

Steps to install Facebook Messenger :

1. Open Play store/ App store/ Windows store on your phone.
2. Search for Facebook Messenger in the search box.
3. Install Facebook Messenger on your phone.


Who will be my mentor?

A well qualified English language expert will be your mentor.

What if I miss a workshop?

In such case the workshop will be cancelled. Re-scheduling of workshop is currently not available.

Can I pause the course?

The course cannot be paused. In any execptional case the validity period of the course can be increased

How do I join the workshops?

You will be added in a Facebook messenger group with your mentor. Y ou will get a call on the group and you have to join the call.

Will the workshops be a group call or individual?

The workshops will be individual calls via Facebook messenger. You will get the mentor’s call on the Facebook messenger group for workshops.


Is there any validity period of the course?

Validity period is the duration within which you must complete your course.
After which you will not receive mentor feedback from WordsMaya.

Can I take demo of any course?

Yes, you can take a demo of any course you want before enrolling for the course by clicking on “Free demo" button.

What if I have more queries?

If you have any more queries, you can contact us on +91 9168385959 or send us and email at support@wordsmaya.com We will get back to you and answer your queries.

What are the basic system requirements?

You just need a Smartphone which can use Facebook Messenger & record audio and a mobile internet connection 2G or higher.
WordsMaya can also work on a laptop with internet connection, you just need to install Facebook Messenger on your laptop.

Can I do the lessons anytime anywhere?

Yes! You can complete your lessons anytime you want to and anywhere you are. You just need a smartphone with a mobile internet connection of 2G or higher.

Is the course material available even after the course duration is over?

The course material is always available in the chat history with WordsMaya course.

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