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The recently released 2020 Workplace Learning Report of LinkedIn has reiterated that Communication Skills is among the Top-3 priorities for talent developers in “2020 and beyond”.

Soft skills will reign supreme in 2020 and beyond
While the shelf life of technical skills is relatively short, soft skills are always necessary, regardless of an employee’s functional role or how the technology landscape evolves.

LinkedIn 2020 Workplace Learning Report

The report stresses that while technical skills have a short shelf-life, soft skills have long-term benefits. This makes the investment in interpersonal skill development very small as it is of high value.

The other important aspect of the report is digital revolution that is facilitating upskillng and reskilling.

Digital transformation is catalyzing an upskilling and reskilling revolution

LinkedIn Report

WordsMaya has the focus clear on both these aspects of corporate learning in these times: Communication Skills and Digital Learning.

WordsMaya is a pioneer in combining the two, much before the world went into a lockdown. The WordsMaya App makes developing communication skills possible on the go–at home, while traveling, or even on a holiday. The human-touch usually done in a classroom is now possible through video conference. This saves cot and time for businesses and helps us reach every corner of the country equally well.

The need for communication skill training and digital learning is here to stay. Businesses can act on this early to take advantage of the lean time many businesses have currently. The improved efficiencies and better productivity due to better communication skills will start giving returns on investment on this training almost immediately.