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I can proudly say that our project at Indira Institute of Management was successful!

The success or failure of any project is never because of one person, it is always based on the Team Work. I am blessed to have had a wonderful team at WordsMaya!

8 Trainers, 240 Students with different English Proficiency, 21 hours of Classroom Training in 7 workshops along with 60 hours of Personalized Online Learning.

It was a challenge and a huge responsibility for us. We had to ensure that all the trainers use the same Teaching Methodologies, provide similar Learning Experience and Outcomes for the students.

The project started on 5th August and concluded on 7th Oct2017. The workshops were conducted on the same day, same time with 8 different trainers and the final goal was to enable students to give Presentations Confidently and in Correct English.

All the trainers worked hard, empathized and interacted with the students, made the workshops interesting, reported on a regular basis, asked all the possible queries to understand better, took extra efforts to teach the students, gave a personal touch to their training which gave us positive Learning Outcomes. All the students are happy to learn with WordsMaya!

Big Thanks to our Super-talented team of Trainers, Compassionate Aniruddha, Empathetic Jerry, Courteous Sukrut, Considerate Zarah, Diligent Roopali, Intuitive Meghana and Inventive Gyan. You all play a major role in the success of this project.
Hoping to work with you all soon…

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