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Our student, Ashwini, a housewife, has made this articles. Ashwini is passionate about learning more and more. She has come a long way from learning how to communicate to write articles/advertisements.

Autobiography of a Tree by Ashwini:

One morning when i opened my eyes i was planted somewhere with two beautiful wings, that was my leaves, i wanted to fly, play but in few days i knew that i couldn’t walk .

I had only three leaves in beginning of my early age but day by day I had spreaded in few area around me,I felt excited because I got many of leaves every day and I got reason to my existence.

Early days of my life was nicely spent then I became tall and flat

I felt very happy when birds sat on my branches and sung melodious songs, all my leaves felt with freshness and my veins flowed fastly.

Whenever children played around me I also enjoyed playing with them.

Whenever people walked around me I also feel like walked with them, when fatigued people sat under my shadow and some of them enjoyed sleep in my shadow, I felt very glad because all life dedicated to those people who wants my help .

My childhood days are most enjoyable because in that days I had many friends around me, but nowadays there are not enough trees .

You don’t know nowadays, how difficult to absorb too much co2 in the air , pollution is on the top,I feel like I don’t provide too much oxygen for many days .

I have seen many of changes during my long life green forest became concrete forest .

People can’t understand importance of trees if there are not enough trees on earth then how can human being live.

I can’t walk but I can spread my seeds all over. if all my friends remained think like this then maybe condition of earth can change.

All people also try and plants one tree per head then anyone can’t stop greenery of world.

Oh God give me strength to stay alive and to spread……… My thoughts through my air.

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