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Sharad hails from Pune and is a spiritual person. He practices ‘Rajyoga’ which is a type of meditation. He is a quick learner and creative. Look how he uses his creativity to write an autobiography of a wheelchair.

Autobiography of a wheelchair by a student of WordsMaya – Sharad:

I am a wheelchair. When a worker who was making me ,I was very sad. I thought that who will purchase me? But when I heard a manager was telling the worker that be careful this chair is going to help an injured soldier. I felt proud . I was eager to meet my master ( that soldier) .

One day in a great ceremony, I was gifted to that brave soldier. It was a thrilling time for me. When that great warrior touched me I was overwhelmed with joy.

I decided in my mind that I will serve lifetime for this man.My master is also very happy with me. He now can do his every work with me conveniently. I have a motor so he has no difficultly to drive me.

I am grateful to the company and the worker who makes me for a disabled person

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