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Swati is currently settled in the USA and want to be a famous doctor one day. Here, she tells us about the story of the coin, as a coin. Yes, it an autobiography of a coin with a request in the end which we all should probably follow.

Here is the autobiography of a Rupee coin by WordsMaya student – Swati:

Hello friends I am a Rupee coin. My name sounds weird but it has beautiful meaning rupee means roupya, roupya means silver.

I don’t know my exact date of birth but I am sure it was chandragupta mourya’s year, that time I was like a gold. I had so much value, person with more rupees was richest person. That time they called me mudra means money. My name has changed from century to century and my value too.

My look also Change at the beginning I was like metal they wrote some Arabic words on me now I have silver color with different designs like sansad bhavan,, corn plant some time only number.

You people enjoying it, some schools children play with me as a tattoo mark like they put me under the paper and scratches me they enjoyed it but due to scratches my skin hurts so much. At the time of my birth the process of making me is also horrible, first they melt silver in a big bowl then they put me in different structured bowl so my I get a different shapes,at that time they make different design on me and let me cool down, during that time the melting temperature should be very high do you imagine how should I face that!!! And you people don’t even value me, I remember in 80s I have much value than now my brother 5paisa is also valuable that time but now he is missing people used it in front of God, some are I funeral ceremony,but some are saved me as a memory I am very glad to those. In 21 century I have no values at all like 50 paisa 25 paisa are like memory for today’s children’s after some days 1 rupee also invaluable.

I feel bad when our NIR people compare us with dollar I now value of dollars is so much but it doesn’t mean we are nothing when rollers rate get increases our government decreases the value of rupee and throw us, but when my other brothers and sisters get increment I feel very happy.

This ups and down happens in life just one request to all of you please keep me as your memory so you can enjoy your old memories too and tell your children some incidence related to me.

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