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Monali Phalak , writes to us, an autobiography of a pencil .

Yeah….I am pencil ,

hope u know me. I am a creature of your life. I am the way of your thoughts to making a word on a paper.? Please don’t ask my initial. I don’t have attractive body. But you wonder why I am writing my autobiography. However, this was not my condition when I was born a year ago. I was gorgeous looking pencil. I was pink body with a black tooth called a lead.

Immediately after I was born I was send to a stationary shop where I was sold to a small cute girl named Bhagyashri. She took me to school every day in a small box there was very suffocating. My worst enemy was a sharpener. Many times the sharpener would sharp my skin & I would feel very painful. Bhagyashri made me write all her school work till I was tired.

One day she forgot me in the class & the cleaner took me to his house, he gave me to his son who used me to do all his drawings. His hand is very tacky. I was very roughly used and one day when he was angry, he threw me on road. Soon, I was picked up by a person. He kept me in his pocket. He gave me to a small boy. This boy used a blade; I was terrified & thought that he was going to murder me.

Now I have become very small & kept in a dark corner of a drawer. I feel very doleful when I think of those wonderful days when people marveled my beauty. I wonder how long I will have to stay remain imprisoned in this untidy drawer. But when u started your school life your first demand is me & your first attraction is me.

Thank you.

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