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Dipika is an ambitious lady who wants to be successful in life, she came to WordsMaya to improve her confidence and communication skills. She has indeed done that and much more by writing an autobiography of a dress.

Autobiography of a dress by Dipika:

I am very beautiful and latest dress hanging in hanger with my beautiful colleagues and bought by fashion lover. I feel proud of my beauty wonder on it.


Every morning shop open and everybody pray today is our day.

Many fashion lovers come and bought other dresses

All women come in the boutique and discuss this boutique is best in the town.Even they say very expensive also very creatively gorgeously designer made to me that is so also need so brilliancy

I felt depressed depressed why no one has to select me . From many days i am hanging only on hanger


I always wish to god some pretty women come and she just love with me at first sight only and bought me. May the god grant my prayer?

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